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What is Oony?

Oony is a multi-platform system (web, mobile) that allows you to search for discounts, deals, special offers and other consumer benefits and filter the results according to one or more specific parameters, such as product category, brand, proximity, etc. thus producing only relevant results.

What is the difference between Oony and other deal, coupon and discount tools available?

Oony is a deal search engine and aggregator that is one step above all other discount and deal sites, as it gathers information from all of them, and then redirects to you only the deals you are interested in, according to your own user profile. This means that in Oony you will find all the relevant deals of all the other sites, plus special Oony-only deals, presented to you in an orderly manner that makes it simple to find and to discard what you are not interested in. So you won’t miss one single deal, but you won’t drown in useless information either.

Is Oony spam?

Exactly the opposite. Oony re-analyzes all available information on deals, blocking out all those you are not interested in, and allowing only the information you decide is useful to reach you. Which information is useful to you may vary according to your specific needs, time of day, sex, age, etc. With Oony, you can preset all these parameters.

How much does joining Oony cost?

Joining Oony is absolutely free –and it will always be.


How do I search for a deal using Oony?

All searches will be predetermined by your user’s profile and results will be separated by Oony’s Attitudes.

To search for a deal, first choose your attitude (Eat, Shop, Fun, Travel, etc.), then simply enter the item you are looking for in the search field. Oony will produce only relevant results as per your user profile and interests.

You can also bypass your user profile and search the entire “Oonyverse” (all deals in the Oony database) by choosing that option in the Advanced Search. This is specially useful when using Oony to search for deals that are not for you.

I have not searched for any deals, however my inbox is full of deals. What is going on?

Oony works both as an active search tool (when you search for a specific deal) as well as a passive deal finder. This means that all relevant deals will be collected in your inbox from the time they become available until they expire.

I want the deals closest to me to be shown first. How can I do that?

You can determine how deals are presented to you, whether by proximity, popularity, newer ones first, etc. You can modify this at any time on the search result screen.

Can Oony alert me when a deal becomes available?

You can set alerts for any number of deals, so that when they become available Oony informs you first, by email, in your home page, etc. Just go to Oony/alerts and follow the steps.

Where does Oony search for deals?

Oony is permanently updated with the latest deals from an array of different sources such as websites, newspapers, magazines, television and brochures.

How long will a deal stay for in Oony?

All deals and special offers have expiration dates set by the merchants. When an offer expires, it will automatically dissappear from your Oony inboxes and will not show up in any searches.

How can I sort my deals?

You can sort your deals by Oony's recommended, by proximity, by ending time, or popularity. To manage this select your prefered sorting in the result list.


Why should I invest time in determining my interests?

Most search engines invest enormous amounts of brain-power and complex algorithms trying to guess what you are looking for. And for the most times, produce poor results. Oony starts from a totally new place: we ask you what you want and what you don’t want as well. This allows Oony to be very precise at the time of finding the deals you really want, and filtering out the rest.

What does Oony do with my personal information such as brand preference, age, sex, etc.?

All personal information is kept 100% safe in Oony’s servers and will never be shared, sold, spammed or redistributed. The only reason to collect that information in the first place is to improve Oony’s accuracy and make sure you are receiving deals in line with your true interests.

How private is the personal information I give Oony?

Information provided by users to Oony is 100% safe. We will never use it for any other purpose than increasing Oony’s accuracy in bringing you the best deals. This means we will never sell it or share it with anyone outside our company. As a matter of fact, your personal information is mainly handled by computers, not people, so it is indeed, very private.

Why has my deal disappeared from my Inbox?

Deals will show up in your inbox when they become available (provided they match your user’s profile) and then disappear when the deal has expired, to make space for new deals.

Why am I receiving just a few deals?

In order to receive more deals, you need to let Oony know about your preferences, and select brands and products you are interested in. In our efforts to not spam you, we prefer to go slowly and add more deals at your request.

I keep receiving deals I am not interested in.

Oony’s accuracy is directly determined by the amount of user information you provide us. To stop receiving one specific deal, category, brand, product, etc, all you need to do is to trash it once. You can undo this function at any time.

For example: if Oony is sending you deals on ski boots and you bought a pair already, you can trash the product “ski boots” and Oony won’t send you any more deals on that particular item. In a couple years, maybe you want to buy a new pair and are looking for a deal. All you need to do then is to go to My Interests and activate “ski boots” again.

Why should I rate a deal?

You are under no obligation of rating a deal. However, rating it allows Oony to improve its accuracy. Also, your rating is publicly (but anonymously) shared among other people using Oony, to rank deals among the Oony community.

Sharing / Social

Can I share a deal with my friends?

All deals in Oony can be shared through Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS. This is particularly useful if you want to benefit your friends from a particular good deal, or if you happen to receive a deal that you know someone else is interested in.

What if I know someone who would be interested in the deal I got?

You can share your deals publicly through Facebook or Twitter, or email or SMS your deal to any friend. Deals exclusive to Oony can only be redeemed by Ooners, so the person who receives your deal might have to join before they can enjoy it.

Attitudes and Shortcuts

What are Oony’s “Attitudes”?

Based on our observation, most deal searches are usually pre-determined by the user’s current attitude: whether he or she is looking to buy something, to dine-out, buy an airplane ticket, etc.

In order to filter-out possible results that completely unrelated to the user’s temporary need, Oony pre-categorizes all search results in separate tabs called “Attitudes”, which reflect the user’s attitude at the time of searching for a deal. Oony provides users with five pre-configured Attitudes (Shop, Eat, Travel, Fun, Health), but allows users to create their own custom shortcuts as well.

How do I create my own shortcut?

You can create any number of shortcuts by providing Oony the specific parameters you would like that shortcut to have.

For example: you can create a shortcut called “Night Out” to index all deals available to you related to going out and having fun.

To create it, go to "Create Shortcut" and fill the fields with the type of deals you want to match.

Then refresh your page; the new shortcut button will be shown in the sidebar box called Shortcuts.

What is the Shop Attitude?

Wether that be a car or a shirt, deals related to the purchase of goods will be found at “Shop”.

What is the Eat Attitude?

Eat reunites all deals related to eating out, from restaurants to bars to food delivery services.

What is the Travel Attitude?

Travel reunites all deals related to travel and transportation, from air tickets to holiday packages to hotel rooms or city tours.

What is the Health Attitude?

Health reunites all pharmaceutical deals, as well as spas, massages, beauty treatments, plastic surgery and other related deals.


Can I advertise my deal in Oony?

Yes, to advertise your deal in Oony go to Oony for businesses and follow the simple instructions. The first six months are free, so try it out and enjoy it. After the first six months, you can choose to advertise your deals with us or not, there’s absolutely no obligation on your part. Please note that Oony is not an advertisement tool, you can upload as many deals as you want, but not plain advertising.

What is the OonyClick function for?

The OonyClick will work on any cel phone with a camera. When you see an OonyClick code in a store or media, just click at it and Oony will automatically provide you with special deal information about that store or brand in particular, such as special deals, always filtered according to your preferences.

Feedback and Support

Is every deal around in Oony?

We strive to input as many deals as possible to our deal database. However, it is impossible to scan them all. Should you know of a deal that is not in our database, you can let us know by email to We will try to input it as soon as possible.

I want to report a problem and full of ideas to share

You can report us any problem with the service or interesting idea by using the "Feedback" tab present on the left side of every page. As an alternative option you can send us an email to stating the nature of the question.